Trauma Recovery

1576853143The pain we carry…

When you lose someone or something precious to you or experience neglect or abuse…

It follows you. It colors your life and experience even long after the trauma has “passed.”

That’s because you alter your approach to life to try to stay safe.

Trauma is like carrying a heavy bag filled with…

… all your past mistakes, heavy burdens, painful moments, and frustrations.

When you’re carrying it daily, it can affect how you show up in the world. It affects your thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

When life hurts, it’s hard to function. It can look like being irresponsible, depressed, irritable, or having an overall negative outlook on your life.

Your baggage may be heavy, but…

1653226630You don’t have to carry it alone.

Working with a therapist will allow you to unpack it all… one thing at a time. We’ll unpack the childhood hurt, the embarrassing moments, the cringe conversations, the sleepless nights, and the tearful moments.

After we unpack it all, we process it… and release it, creating new thoughts and behaviors that fill you up instead of bringing you down! Once you’ve released who you used to be, you’ll be free to embark on a new beginning.

I’m here to help you define who you’re about to become.

It’s time for a fresh start!

You control who you want to be and how you want to show up in life. There are no limits when it comes to living in your light and truth!

There is no need to keep carrying these burdens. Let me stand beside you as we release them – as you get to know who you are again.

Trauma doesn’t have to define your life!

I invite you to come into this space and start your healing journey. Call today for your free consultation: (678) 561-6799.