About Therapy

710919604I love the work that I do!

It’s a joy helping women of color live full, authentic lives.

I’m here to challenge you – to help you uncover the dark sides of yourself and understand the wounds you’ve yet to work through.

I’m here to stand as a mirror, reflecting your thoughts, emotions, and actions to help you see yourself for who you really are – not who you pretend to be.

You might be surprised at what you discover. You might even find yourself in a whole new reality!

A step toward the life you truly desire…

That’s what you’re doing when you start therapy.

We’re going to work through the layers of your life, starting with the childhood experiences that helped shape the person you are today.

Everything you’ve experienced, good and bad, has impacted your character, behavior, thoughts, and bad habits.

1978748699A better tomorrow starts with…

… clarifying how and why you’ve been shaped into the woman you are today.

We don’t want to negate our past experiences. We should be grateful for them, as they’ve shaped us into who we’re meant to be.

But we don’t have to always look like what we’ve been through. We have the power to change.

Just because that’s how it’s always been doesn’t mean that’s how it will always be.

This is a safe space.

You get to show up as your whole self – with no filter and no worries about what anyone will think.

And all that baggage you carry… you can let it down.

We are here to work together.

There is no judgment – only unconditional positive regard for you and an optimistic outlook on your growth.

Working on yourself…

It may be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life.

Whether it’s venting what you can’t speak out loud…

Processing confusion, doubts, or insecurities…

Or learning ways to take better care of yourself each day…

This work will improve your confidence and change you in positive ways that last a lifetime.

It’s time to realize your potential!

We can start meeting weekly and adjust our schedule as you meet your goals. A big part of therapy is learning tools to live better even when you’re not in session.

Are you ready to become the person you want to be?

If so, I’m ready for it. This is a confidential, sacred space where we’ll laugh and cry together.

Let’s get to work! Call today and let’s schedule your free consultation: (678) 561-6799.

About Me

Crystal McDowell, LPC

Some of my education and background…

My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of South Carolina and two master’s degrees (clinical mental health counseling and career counseling) from North Carolina Central University.

I’ve been working in the mental health field for over ten years. I have experience with college career centers, Veterans Affairs, and managed care systems.

All this education and experience has shaped me into the therapist I am today.

When I’m not doing therapy…

In my free time, I enjoy reading and traveling the world. My practice is virtual, so you may catch our sessions outside under the sun or in a nice garden. Being in the sun fills my soul!

When I’m not globetrotting, I’m hanging with my loved ones and trying all the new restaurants in Atlanta. You may catch me devouring plates of pasta or pizza on the weekends… or outside at a local concert.