Individual Therapy

1191704311Your mind is heavy, and your days are full.

Every day seems like the same struggles, and you can’t quite keep up with them all.

How do you find balance?

Is it even possible?

The answer is “yes”!

Change is possible.

The life you desire is achievable, and your goals CAN be accomplished.

The life you desire is on the other side of…

The work you have to do within yourself…

You might be thinking, “I don’t have time to do the work! I need help now!”

I can’t argue with that. We all want change to happen immediately. We want results, resolutions, and quick fixes.

But we can’t grow a healthy tree of life without first planting a seed of change.

2055003308I know starting therapy isn’t easy.

It’s daunting because it’s like adding more to your already-full plate.

But consider this: I’m here to work WITH you… not against you.

In individual therapy, we’ll work 1:1 to meet your needs.

Here’s what we’ll do…

We’ll prioritize YOUR well-being. If you’re constantly going and going without taking the time to reassess, you can burn out. When that happens, you can’t show up for yourself or anyone else.

Self-care is critical to your well-being. At this point, it’s no longer an option; it’s a REQUIREMENT if you’re going to live fully and realize your potential.

We’ll examine your goals, beliefs, and values and come up with the right treatment to help you reach your goals.

“I want this to be different.”

That single thought is the seedling you need to change your life.

Life doesn’t have to be this way. Anxiety and depression can’t be your reality forever.

So, take a chance!

Call today. Let’s talk more about how I can help during your free consultation: (678) 561-6799.