Life is Short. Get a Divorce.

Step into Freedom on Your Terms

Therapy Support for Divorce in Atlanta and Online throughout Georgia

It’s time you focused on your happiness.

You’ve stayed in this marriage long past its expiration date.

The connection between you has become bitter, and the fights have turned nasty.

Your life doesn’t have to be this hard.

Your future happiness depends on taking control and doing what you must do.

When you said, “I do,” you never imagined this.

You took your vows solemnly, but the sacred trust between you has been broken.

It’s heartbreaking, but you know you can’t keep living like this.

Your spouse seems determined to make this divorce as painful as possible.

And this isn’t something you should go through alone.

Decide how you show up for your life.

Our sessions are a safe container where we’ll put your needs first.

We’ll untangle your needs and emotions from the legal proceedings and negotiations with your ex.

Give yourself the tools to create the life that you want to live.

I’ll support you in clarifying who and what that is for you.

This is a pivotal moment in your life.

Attending therapy at this moment in your life is almost critical to your healing and your growth.

During and after going through a divorce, your life will not be the same. You are not the same.

In session, as we explore the seven stages of divorce, work through each level as you heal.

Therapy with me gives you a supported place to process the intense emotions of divorce and chart a clear path to designing a life you love on the other side.

Leave fear behind and step into your bright future.

On the other side of therapy, your life will be renewed.

Step into your new life with confidence and the freedom to be yourself.

You deserve to experience a life of peace, joy, and happiness.

Start your healing journey today.

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